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Coffee is definitely part of NYC culture, its ability to de-grouch people in the morning and birth coffee snobs is so New York! But if you want a change of pace from your standard go-to Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts or breakfast cart, stop by these coffee shops!

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Stumptown Coffee

This Portland-native first came to NYC via an espresso bar at the Ace Hotel on 29th Street (funny enough there is also one at the Ace Hotel in Portland!) and now has a café in the village on W. 8th St and a roasting facility in Red Hook! The small-batch roaster is bringing its Northwest flair to NYC, the Village location is warm with dark woods and brick walls, and also offers public tastings at 2pm in the attached Brew Bar. Wouldn’t recommend stopping by for a quick morning coffee to-go, definitely go to sit down and enjoy the barista’s (quite well-dressed too!) creations!

Counter Culture

While not a coffee shop per-say, Counter Culture focuses on wholesale retail and offering “Counter Intelligence,” or some next-level coffee education! Hailing from Durham, NC, Counter Culture opened a state-of-the-art, 3,600-sq. ft. training center in Nolita on Broome Street. While they don’t really sell a cup of coffee, you can stop by for any of their public tastings, “cupping”, sessions and brewing workshops!

La Colombe

There is quite the buzz around the Philly-based roaster—you either love ‘em or not. The NoHo location makes it hard not to love it! Based on design alone, the beautifully open, high ceilings, just welcome and invite you to start your day with them! With a centralized bar-island, there’s a great flow of energy once you get inside, offering space to even chat with the baristas. Their old-school, dark roasts give you the push to kick-start your morning. But a popular item is their ice coffee, hot coffee and a double shot of espresso over ice is perfectly bitter, strong, dark and roasty!

Ninth Street Espresso

A “blue collar specialty coffee shop,” as described by founder, Ken Nye, offers a non-elitist, no-muss-no-fuss approach to coffee. Literally the menu is coffee, iced coffee, espresso and espresso with milk. No overcomplicated names, even a punk attitude against corporate coffee. If you just want a good cup of quality coffee, this is for you.

The Roost

This Alphabet City is as laid-back as you can expect from a place on Avenue B. Offering Brooklyn Roasting Co. single-origin beans, seasonally blended espresso and Balthazar pastries, this is a perfect stop if you don’t want a crazy, stressed-filled morning. But there is also a hidden gem behind the Roost, literally! A back-bar speakeasy! Yes, you can come to the Roost for pre- and post-work activities! Come by for a coffee and croissant in the morning and stop by for craft beer or whiskey that evening!

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