Top 4 Oatmeal in NYC

If you're rushing in the morning (which is 90% of all New Yorkers!) but still want to grab a bite in the morning, try a cup of oatmeal! Its still a quick, on-the-go option if you want a break from the ever popuar egg and cheese sandwich from the cart. Here are my favorite oatmeal places that are super quick and super filling!

Antioxidant Awakening Oatmeal at OatMeals

This charming and intimate oatmeal bar is perfect for a quick breakfast! Right off of West 4th Street, you can grab a cup of your choice of steel-cut oats (cooked in water or milk) with a variety of toppings (fresh or dried fruits, nuts/seeds, sweet and even savory items)! Or you can try one of their signature bowls! My favorite is the Antioxidant Awakening with greek yogurt, dried pomengranate seeds, chia seeds & dark chocolate chips! I mean who wouldn't want to start the morning with chocolate? Other great bowls are the Pomengranate Pistachio or a classic comfort Brown Sugar Cinnamon Raisin. If you have time to spare, take a seat to eat and enjoy the vintage oatmeal canisters!

Delaware Baked Oatmeal at The Grey Dog

The Grey Dog is a great place to relax with friends if you want to relive your college days eating fun food. Its perfectly cozy with great music to relax to on a weekend if you don't want to do a fancy brunch. Definitely try the Delaware Baked Oatmeal for a change of pace from the classic bowl oats. Still filling like any oatmeal, but an added texture from the crusty top of the baked slice. Infused with cinnamon, brown sugar, raisins and steamed milk--it will definitely give you a warm hug from the inside.

Steel-Cut Oats and Berries at Le Pain Quotidien

If you want a no-muss no-fuss bowl of oatmeal, definitely head to Le Pain. Steel-cut oats, cooked in milk or water, topped with fresh, succulent berries is a classic. Although while you're there, you must try any of their fresh baked breads--baguettes are divine here!

Hot Porridge "Three Bears Style" at Sarabeth's

Sarabeth's has a history of being a go-to brunch spot in NYC. But with oatmeal options of Baby Bear, Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Big Bad Wolf porridge how can you not want a bowl?! Each bowl varies in add-ins, for example the Baby Bear simply has milk and honey, Mama Bear has fresh cream, raisins & honey, Papa Bear has strawberries, bananas, fresh cream, raisins & honey and Big Bad Wolf has wheat berries, fresh cream, butter, and brown sugar!

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