4 Healthy Take-Away Lunches!

During the work week, it’s hard to pack a lunch every morning. We look forward to our lunch break and getting out of the office! Here’s a few ideas for healthy lunches that won’t break your budget or give you an uncomfortable crash making the rest of your day drag.

Sweet Greens salad.jpg

Sweet Greens – 1164 Broadway | 413 Greenwich | 100 Kenmare

Sweet Greens has an exceptional Winter Menu to beat away those Winter Blues and have you feeling great after lunch to push through the rest of your work day feeling great. The menu is full of Vegan and Gluten free options, that won’t hurt your pockets. This can all be washed down with their featured seasonal beverage, Hibiscus Lime Tea.

Hu Kitchen.JPG

Hu Kitchen – 78 5th Ave

Hu Kitchen has an extensive menu that is 100% gluten free! And I like their Paleo Vibe! Everything is cooked with Sea Salt and Black Pepper! The only oils are either Virgin Olive or Organic Coconut. Order anything from the Butter Nut Squash soup for something warm and light, to a full entrée like the Wild Meatloaf! This dish is phenomenal with 100% grass fed Organic Ground Beef! The best part? They deliver!

Dig Inn.JPG

Dig Inn – 2884 Broadway | 17 E 17th St. | 350 Hudson | 150 E 52nd St | 275 Madison Ave | 40 W 55th St. | 80 Pine St | 225 Liberty St | 80 Broad St | 1178 Broadway

Dig Inn is perfect for lunch as well! You can grab a market meat on a bed of grains with two market sides for under $12. Hot and cold sides include organic tofu salad and baby spinach to roasted Brussels sprouts and roasted sweet potatoes just to give you an idea. They really take care to make the veggies delicious here! There’s also some pretty amazing and mouth-watering sandwiches like the Steak and Avacado, or my favorite the the Grilled Salmon. Either way, you can’t go wrong and these all fall under $12 as well!

Whole Foods Food Bar.jpg

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is conveniently located in almost every neighborhood in our magical city. The salad bar alone has several lettuce options and every healthy topping you can think of to pile on your salad. The dressing selection is of course among the best, and best for you! There’s also a prepared foods department that offers a deli, ethnic restaurants, seafood bar, and more! The prepared foods can be ordered online as well as caterings for those office parties!

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