Top 4 Pastries in NYC

Everyone loves a delectable pastry here and there--I know I do! Living in NYC there is hardly a shortage of pastry confections. What's more comforting on a freezing day in the city than curling up with a hot mug, a good book and a flaky pastry? Here are my absolute favorites!

Cream Cheese Puff at Paris Baguette

Boy does Paris Baguette know how to do the puff pastry! It looks like a cute muffin, yet when you cut into it, inside is a hollow, flaky cavern with a slighty sweetened cream cheese cloud. Not overwhlemingly flaky or sweet, it is perfectly crisp and light enough to eat one and be ready to go about your day!

Pretzel Croissant at City Bakery

I've always been a fan of City Bakery (re: The Hot Chocolate Festival and their homemade marshmallows here!). Their pretze croissant is the best of both sweet-salty worlds! Essentially it has the bite/snap of a pretzel, crisp and lightly salted, and tender, buttery layers a la croissant. A must have New Yorker breakfast if you need a break from those everything bagels!

Sicilian Cannoli at A'PUTIA

An authentic Sicilian pastry is always welcome in my eyes! Giacomo D'Alessandro imports quality ingredients from Sicily to ake his cannoli in Little Italy! (Already a departure from the usual suspects on Mulberry Street!) The crisp shell surprisingly stays crunchy, thanks to the chocolate (from Modica, Sicily) lining the inside, which keeps the shell crisp from the moist filling. He uses a sheep's milk ricotta (from Agrigento, Sicily) which is much denser than cow's milk, and is only slightly sweetened, so you really taste and feel the velevety filling (without being overwhelmed by sugar). Garnished with a candied orange peel, which adds a citrus bite to cut through the rich cream but not overtly sweet that it competes. (Watch Giacomo and I make some cannoli here!)

Roasted Apple Danish at Amy's Bread

We know Amy's Bread makes beautiful bread, so of course they would make equally delectable cafe items! While everything they have is great, I'll hone in on their danishes, specifically the Roasted Apple Danish! The pastry dough itslef is not very sweet, but still buttery. It serves as the perfect backdrop to the slightly tart roasted apples.

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