Sicilian Cannoli at A'Putia

I visited the latest import to Little Italy: A'PUTIA! Giacomo D'Alessandro is bringing authentic cannoli to NYC using ingredients from Sicily!

Giacomo D'Alessandro imports quality ingredients from Sicily to ake his cannoli in Little Italy! (Already a departure from the usual suspects on Mulberry Street!) The crisp shell surprisingly stays crunchy, thanks to the chocolate (from Modica, Sicily) lining the inside, which keeps the shell crisp from the moist filling. He uses a sheep's milk ricotta (from Agrigento, Sicily) which is much denser than cow's milk, and is only slightly sweetened, so you really taste and feel the velevety filling (without being overwhelmed by sugar). Garnished with a candied orange peel, which adds a citrus bite to cut through the rich cream but not overtly sweet that it competes.

#video #Pastries #cannoli

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