Beer, Bourbon & BBQ, Oh My!

Shrine of Swine: Handsome Devil BBQ Whole Hog Image Credit

Last weekend was the 6th annual Beer Bourbon and Barbeque Festival, also known as the Big Apple’s favorite Winter Porkapalooza! It was held in Chelsea in the famous old night club, Tunnel, literally a tunnel of bourbon, beer and pork! The endless food tastings are from Pitmasters of the deep south as well as some of NYC’s finest Southern restaurants. This event is all about what true southerner’s pleasure! It was a full day (and night!) of ALL-YOU-CAN-TASTE beer sippin’, bourbon tatstin’, and barbeque eatin’. Here’s a brief highlight of some of my favorites!

Heavy Seas Beer - Loose Cannon IPA

This year round best seller for Heavy Seas was my favorite beer of the evening. Loose Cannon is an award winning IPA with notes of grapefruit, herbs, and pine, nicknamed Hop3 from its unique brewing process where brewers hop in the boil, hopback, and fermenter. Delicious!

Four Roses Bourbon - Single Barrel

Four Roses bourbon was on a never-ending flow Saturday night. Their host was serving neat, on the rocks, and in a signature cocktail. This particular 100 proof bourbon has a unique taste, complex, and full-bodied including hints of fruit and mild spices. I took mine on the rocks!

Handsome Devil-Shrine of Swine (Whole Hog)

You already know I love all things about the pig (feed me the ear or snout and I'm in heaven!) So naturally the Shrine of Swine pulled me over like gravity! The Handsome Devils held down the shrine that evening, serving the most succulent, tender pork I've ever tasted! Yopu haven't felt love until you've had some of their pork!

The Story of Tennessee Whiskey: George Dickel (Tasting Seminar)

Now it may seem like all we did we eat and drink, but we also learned a few things! One of the best parts of the Beer, Bourbon BBQ fest are their tasting seminars, where you get to sample some delicious beers and bourbon and hear from the people who make them! This time we heard from master distiller at George Dickel, Allisa Henly and Whiskey Ambassador (who wouldn't want that job!) Gina Fossitt. Did you know the what makes Tennessee Whiskey so special (other than it being made and aged in TN)? It is a straight bourbon that goes through a process of charcoal mellowing (steeped in or filtered through maple charcoal) before being put into new charred oak barrels for aging! They even served us a taste of what moonshine would have tasted like during Prohibition (its just their Dickel White which hasn't been aged).Although my favorite of the samples definitely had to be the Dickel 12 Year (which isn't technically aged for 12 years, but around 7-12yrs) yet it perfectly coats your tongue in warmth!

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