Mind Your Mindless Eating

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Sometimes the extra calories in our diets come from not paying attention to what we are consuming, last minute choices and boredom. Mindless Eating opportunities can come throughout the day. To keep the extra calories to a minimum, plan ahead:

  1. Keep healthy staples in your fridge and pantry for late night snacks or late dinners, do not keep high sugar snacks and chips in your house

  2. Limit eating while watching TV, the most damage is done here

  3. Skip the extra mid afternoon snack at the coffee shop when buying your coffee or opt for the fruit or a handful of nuts only if you are hungry

  4. Desk Candy-get it off your desk and clear out your drawers at work- most of the time when you think you are craving food but not really hungry – you may be thirsty- drink water instead

  5. Drive by Eating- Food before you get home for dinner? The commutes not that bad- chug water or a small plain yogurt

Limit refined sugar form your diet, fried snacks and large portions. Add lean protein to every meal and fiber so you stay full longer. Chewing is just as soothing as the taste of the food. Remember babies are soothed by pacifiers without food. Soothe yourself by keeping your hands occupied and getting involved in a task like a hobbie!

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