Tips for a Healthy New Year!

Do These 5 things and you will be healthier than you are now! Guaranteed!

First thing to do this year? DO NOT GO ON A DIET!!!They don't work instead change your relationship with food. Think about food as nourishment and not for weight loss- and it will happen naturally.

If you do these 5 things you will defintely be healthier than you were before:

  1. Do Not Take Fat Out of your Dairy- you need fat in your milk and yogurt to Absorb the Calcium and Vitamin D

  2. Add a Vegetable to every Meal, Add Vegetable to every Snack

  3. Add Fiber-Nature's Natural Cleanse

  4. Add a Probiotic- for healthy gut bacteria add a yogurt or kefir every day!

  5. Lower intake of Alcohol-enjoy but in moderation- can disrupt sleep, cause GI distress and throw off your hunger cues!

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