Build a Christmas Cookie Plate via Eataly

My Nonna and Zia Orsola made at least 30 cookie plates to give away to everyone who visited Christmas morning-if you don't have her patience go to Eataly and build your own Italian Cookie Plate!

  1. Torrone-Always a Christmas staple at my home and given as gifts or add to cookie plate to add a hint of elegance-Almond torrone to chocolate torrone- take your pick-my favorite is Gran Cru Crumbly Pistachio Torrone

  1. Pandoro Classico- this is my favorite because it is not candied (like the Panettone) which is too much and too sweet for me- and you can cut it up and make french toast from it on Christmas morning

  1. Almond Cantucci Cookies by Fabrica del Panforte- with Gorgeous packaging you might just have to make a cookie basket to leave the cookies in the boxes! Tip I learned in Cinque Terre-dunk cantucci or biscotti in Sciacchetra'- a sweet white passito wine found in Liguria region of Italy

  1. Novara Cookies by Camporelli- buy jar of Nutella and put a layer of this hazelnut ambrosia between to cookies.

  1. Cri Cri Chocolate Hazelnut Candy by Torrone Martino-- Drizzle these gorgeously colored individually wrapped chocolates all over your cookie plate and while you’re at it, add some perugina baci white chocolate!

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