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Colonie Duck Hash Like The Farm on Adderley, Colonie also sources traceable, local, and fresh ingredients. I personally can’t get enough of the duck hash and must have ordered this dish 10 times this year. Tender duck bits, a perfectly cooked duck egg on top with chive sprinkles, and buttery baby potatoes hidden underneath spicy arugula.. hungry yet?


The Farm on Adderley Poached Eggs & Grits Cortelyou Road offers some of the finest brunch spots in Brooklyn, but it is The Farm on Adderley that takes the gold medal with its traceable, local, and fresh ingredients. The creamy and velvety cheese grits are also a must-have! Come check this place off of your brunch bucket list if you haven’t already!


Clinton St. Baking Company Blueberry Pancakes with Walnuts and Bananas Prepare to brave at least a 2-hour line waiting during the weekend—don’t let it deter you, but this place gets PACKED, and it’s because the pancakes are that delicious. The fluffy blueberry pancakes are my go to dish at CSB. I personally like adding a touch of walnuts and bananas into the mix for more texture. Come taste this treat and make sure to get there early!


Milk & Honey Poached Egyptian Eggs One could almost always easily find eggs benedict or eggs florentine, but how often can one find Egyptian eggs? This one of a kind dish really hits the spot with its Middle Eastern flavor. Poached eggs seasoned with zatar and pine nuts rest on a piece of warm black bread and arugula. Yum! Also, love the fact that this dish is served ona cutting board.


Dimes Fried Egg on top of Brussels Sprouts and Potatoes Every time I go to Dimes, I can almost always expect that a beautiful (edible) piece of art will be placed in front of me—like this limited time brunch dish pictured below. They always deliver it well. Visually pleasing, check, flavorful, check, healthy, check, cozy ambiance, another check.

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