Healthy Holiday Eating Tips! Watch‏!

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WATCH Healthy Holiday Eating Tips VIDEO Open:BronxNet

Party season is here! You can navigate pitfalls while indulging in the season's favorite foods.

  1. Don't start the Party at the Office! Many times it is not the party themselves but all the leftovers of candies etc that people keep at their office and munch on all day long-save your goodies for the celebration.

  2. Don't skip meals! You will just eat more at the parties!

  3. Watch the alcohol-it lowers your inhibitions and causes you to eat mindlessly and who does not want to remember what they ate!

  4. Add an extra 20 minute walk per day!

  5. Lower your stress and relax-elevated levels of cortisol from stress in your body causes you to store more fat! RELAX!

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