Top Horror Films that May Ruin your Appetite

I was born watching horror films, or at least they are my very first memories. There has always been something about the macabre that has intrigued me--death and fear. I loved the movies from the late 60's to early 80's, the best with some outliers. I think I have seen everything though and hate modern special effects, it makes them feel less real. Nothing like the grainy films from 70s movies to make you feel like this could actually happen to you! Bear with me, some of these movies are are loosely related to food and really I just wanted to write about my favorite horror films--and it is my blog so I will do as I please! But I do hope you enjoy.

Here is my list:

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1974 -Tobe Cooper independent budget friendly (only $300, 000) set stage for the teenagers getting lost in the woods, cars not starting and girls falling constantly when chased by killer genre. What did Leatherface and his family do best? Headcheese-won't tell you how.

Black Christmas 1974-Egg Nog, Olivia Hussey all delicious things that will haunt you after watching this first in its genre- " a stranger calls" movie. Sororities are horrifying enough but this movie was loosely based on a series of murders that took place in Canada.

Cannibal Holocaust, 1979-only my paesano Ruggero Deodato could conjure a "reality" about a group of Americans who set out to find a lost crew of documentarians in the Amazon-and what they find are their reels (and Blair Witch thought they were so groundbreaking!) which tell the tale of their demise. The film was so controversial because questions about animals slaughter on camera etc-entrails galore and wild tribesman feasting on flesh-they really loved their American Food.

Rosemary's Baby 1968, Roman Polanski - It is not enough that Mia Farrow was coupled with a hoofed beast to spawn an Antichrist but she had to get that horrible hair cut too! Her husband John Cassavetes drugs her with the help of their witch neighbors by spiking her chocolate mousse dessert. Just be careful the next time your mousse taste "chalky" or you suddenly have a craving for raw meat-oh wait! Should I worry? And love Ruth Gordon.

The Beguiled 1971- Clint Eastwood is commonly known for this westerns and I was forced to watch them all by my "man's man" father but many don't know about this spooky Civil War girl's boarding school tale that is seeping with pent-up sexual energy that erupts suddenly when young Clint stumbles upon their threshold. Needless to say they all want a piece including the headmistress who connives with girls to poison him with mushrooms-and terror begins.

Halloween 1978-John Carpenter's -I still get a lovely chill when I hear the music for this film (John wrote it himself), it comforts me like Mac and Cheese did as a child. As for the food, popcorn does make an appearance right before Michael Myers goes after Jaimie Curtis- love the bell bottoms, and the sequel. The rest were crap.

The Wicker Man 1973- pub food was what the protagonist, a police sergeant, ate he searched for a missing girl on this pagan island called Summerisle--but ultimately he finds out what's for dinner! The DVD I own actually comes in a wicker box-so cute! Watch the original, not the bullshit Nicolas Cage version. Also Ingrid Pitt shows off her Celtic pagan dance moves-buck naked.

Night of the Living Dead-1968 George Romero. Another people as food movie but I couldn't resist. This zombie grandfather film is so much more intelligent than the average horror with underlying messages about class, gender and race-zombies are just of vehicle for the change that was going on in America culture at the time. Yes I have really thought about this. Preferred it though if Barbara didn't spend the entire movie as catatonic wus. The zombies were the original foodies!

The Stepford Wives 1972- feminist thriller- modern woman Joanna Eberhart moves with her family to a town in Connecticut where her husband joins a men's club and come up with a great idea. Love the scenes of the wives dressed in floral length dainty florals as they sashay through the grocery store aisles with vacant isles just like the men like them. What would a Stepford Husband look like? Jeez, if I had to choose, I would still pick the Stepford wife.

The Haunting of Julia 1977-An apple a day keeps the doctor away? Well, you might want to eat it very very carefully after watching this movie-the first 10 minutes shows Mia Farrow in a poignant and insanely desperate scene with her daughter. Really moving and then the movie begins. She still has that horrible hair in this movie too.

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