Whipping Up Some Ramen at Dassara

Goat, green curry, bone marrow, and ramen? Yes please! Not the traditional bowl of ramen, but Chef Pablo Ventura (remember we met him at Pig Island?) has taken flavors and techniques from his impressive resume as a a chef and served it in a bowl! Pablo sounds like he's live multiple lives already: being a butcher, starting off cooking Italian, then Thai, moving to catering (for people like Ralph Lauren) and then living in Japan for 3 years!

It was a cool, drizzling night in Brooklyn when we stopped by Dassara to taste the curried goat & bone marrow mazemen, a perfect night for a bowl of ramen! Mazemen is a ramen with little to no broth and can either be served hot or cold. This noodle soup dish was specifically created for people who want to enjoy ramen without it being too “soupy.”

Chef Pablo Ventura welcomed us into the kitchen, on a perfect day since he roasted the whole goat the night before. He roasted the goat for 12 hours, seasoned with lots of ginger, garlic, and even his own jerk seasoning for a slight Caribbean flavor.

He starts off very simple, with onion, garlic and the roasted goat. Then he adds his green curry paste, lots of tumeric, curry powder and spice. Quickly tosses in some sweet, roasted kabocha squash, cilantro a pinch of salt, with the ramen noodles. Loosens up the noodles with a ladle of chicken broth. Then comes the best part: pearls of bone marrow at the end, which just melts beautifully into the dish like butter! Garnished with red chili, pickled jalapeno, and cilantro--et voila!

This special ramen was put on the menu last winter for a limited time—it became such a hit that Pablo’s clients would actually call and email him asking to bring it back. Thus the curried goat & bone marrow mazemen became an official staple on the menu. Pablo also told us that he is very proud of this dish and makes it before bed on his most busiest days.

A hearty bowl of ramen, perfectly spicy from the curry and tender goat. Plus the decadence from the bone marrow melted into the noodles. If you’re passing by Carroll Gardens, definitely stop by for this dish and reawaken all of your senses, and crawl into bed after!

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