Top 5 Soulful Soups

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Ukrainian Borscht at Veselka. Beets, cabbage, dill, a dollop of sour cream, and chunks of pork--the perfect pick-me-up soup filled with so many Eastern European flavors. Believe it is a #1 customer favorite as they serve 5,000 gallons of borscht a year! And for all my vegetarians, don’t worry! There is a veggie version as well.


  1. House Special Soup at Cocoron. Ginger, grated radish, thinly sliced tender pork, nori, bonito flakes (known as dancing fish flakes in Japan), and greens in a clay bowl. I love spending time on cold winter nights at this cozy place. Just me and a huge bowl of hot soup braving the frost!


  1. Matzo Ball Soup at Jack’s Wife Freda. Filled with lots of dill, light broth, and a fluffy matzo meal ball—this soup is a soothing house specialty. Great spot for a first date (or second) as the décor is super chic minus the intimidation factor.


  1. Chicken Ramen at Dassara. Remember when we met chef Pablo Ventura at Pig Island last month (if not check out our Pig Island video)?, and just had to swing by to Brooklyn to try his creations after being blown away by his crackling pork sampler. For $11, you can taste a delicious concoction from Dassara consisting of chicken broth, pork chashu, silky noodles, and a medium-boiled egg.

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  1. Clam Chowder at Hillstone. Available only on Fridays, make sure you try Hillstone’s delicious New England clam chowder! They top with in-house croutons (none of those soggy oyster crackers from a package). There is nothing nutritious about this meal except that is good for your soul. Eat it and have some vegetables later!


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