How an Italian Girl Does Healthy: Do Not Take Fat Out of your Diet!

As a Registered Dietitian and Italian Born converted New Yorker, I have found that for health and taste you must keep all of the natural fats in your food! It will keep you full, your skin glowing and your heart healthy.

Hunger is quelled not only by fullness from the volume of food but also by the fat in food. it actually signals brain that it is satiated. When you eat fat, your body stimulates the release of cholecystokinin (CCK), a hormone that aids in the digestion of fat and protein and helps promote satiety. Removing all fat from food particularly the food's naturally occurring fat--like removing an egg yolk will only keep you hungry and craving more food. Secondly, fat takes longer to digest, so not removing it from food will keep you fuller longer and in turn doesn't keep you nibbling. Satiety is also being satisfied by really tasty food. Thirdly, fat functions as a vehicle for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins and therefore it is ridiculous to eat fat -free dairy! We need the fat in milk, yogurt, etc to absorb Vitamin D (if the D is absorbed so will the calcium) and Vitamin A. The most ridiculous thing the food industry does is make dairy fat-free, then adds sugar to flavor it!

Check out my healthy Fad-Free Recipes for the Meals for One! Find to how to make easy, fast and nutritious meals with giving up the pleasure of eating. As I always say, why eat what doesn't taste great!?

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