Top 5 Favorite Cocktails (For Now!)

I have to admit it I don't drink too much. Partly because I am a lightweight-- a cheap date if you will,an expensive date when it comes to food though! I also have a slow recovery time after a night of drinking and need all my energy during the day. So when I do drink I love my favorites. As you know, I am a bourbon girl, generally prefer savory drinks versus the girly sweet drink and will occasionally be gauche and order a liquor like Amaretto or Calvados with dinner instead of after. I also will drink wine to accompany dinner but not drink wine on it's own. Finally I love, love, love Fragolina from Naples. I am also not going to list the amazing Bourbon and Whiskey at my favorite Whiskey Library at The Flatiron Room because that goes without saying!

Here are my top 5 (for now!):


Dirty Martini with Blue Cheese Olives at Hillstone--A sturdy, hearty, salty, blue cheese mammoth of a drink and goes well with my steaks, ribs and all the iron-laden entrees. The olives are huge and filled with creamy blue cheese not the dinky olives you get in most places. And to enhance the experience, the exceptional servers there will pour your martini into another cold martini glass when it begins to get tepid. Amazing attention to detail.

The Margarita at The Eddy--This is not on their menu but they will definitely make it for you-all you have to do is ask-all mix made in house and just perfect. Other cocktails on menu really good too.

Red Light at Nomad-- I would go to the Nomad for the decor alone, but the food is great too. and to top it off, the drinks are inventive (ingredients like velvet falernum and wormwood bitters), sophisticated and sexy. I also like the Start Me Up and La Pina for when I am feeling a little girly.


Amarulu at Astor Place Wines-- I am cheating here but I could not resist this cream liqueur from South Africa made from the fruit of the marulu tree and tastes nutty and sinful. Pour at home over ice and experience pure seduction: sultry and perfect with a bubble bath! It is so good, you feel helpless after drinking it. For more decadence, toast some coconut and sprinkle.

Unknown (1).jpeg

The Jenkin at St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club--Over in Williamsburg, in trendy, hipster heaven, just in time for the chilly fall weather is this spicy pumpkin drink warm drink. Applejack, bourbon, pumpkin spice syrup and orange bitters-- I wish they kept it all year long!

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