Taste Talks: The Future of Food

This weekend chefs, purveyors, writers, entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts flocked to Williamsburg for the three-day food festival to experience the “Future of Taste.” Founded by brothers Daniel and Scott Stedman, Taste Talks explores the “culinary cutting edge for a food-obsessed generation” in a borough that has been associated with “what’s next.”

There was definitely something for everyone this weekend: food media discussed the hot topic of restaurant reviews and food magazines. Restaurateurs spoke about the next big thing and making things the next big thing (i.e. Is Brooklyn Becoming the Next Manhattan?--the answer: nope! Brooklyn is just becoming Brooklyn!). And of course some tastings: agave spirits (Tequila & Mezcal anyone?), oysters & wine, chicken & waffles, and an ALL-STAR BBQ!

Another draw to Taste Talks was the Future Food Expo: a showcase of “what’s next” with food products, startups, technology and innovators. Held at the awesome Colossal Media (the largest hand-painted advertising company in the world) on Wythe Ave, the space was with filled with impressive exhibitors:

Legally Addictive

Micro-batch salty and sweet snacks! Crack Cookies (most likely as addictive as crack) layered bites with a cracker base, chocolate, toffee, and sea salt. But I was all over her Wake & Bake Granola made with pistachios (she had me at pistachios!) sea salt, pepitas cardamom, agave and oats!

Empire Mayonnaise Company

Gourmet mayo with exotic flavors! Yes please! Made with non-GMO oils and happy cage-free and pasture-raised eggs. With flavors like sriracha (they make their own sriracha!), bacon and white truffle (it was as decadent as you can imagine!) and you know this isn’t the same mayo you spread on your sandwich!

Little Boo Boo Bakery

Gourmet marshmallows! They had samples of their vanilla bean, Azuki bean (nice savory + sweet medley) but my favorite was the chai--they actually used spices found in chai tea!

Raaka Chocolate

Virgin chocolate! They do not roast their cocoa beans, which showcases the different flavor profiles of the cacao regions. They had delicious dark chocolate with Himalayan pink sea salt, Bourbon cask-aged and my fav: coconut milk!

The Future Market

The Future Market is a vehicle to raise the bar for innovation in today’s food world. Almost like a challenge, which forces us to really think about what we want to see in our markets in 50 years. An example product they displayed were Crop Crisps--a riff off of wheat thins-- using four crops (wheat, garbanzo beans, sesame, and quinoa) to support proper crop rotation methods. Take a look at their tongue-in-cheek newspaper of the Future Market: The Studio Sentinel!


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