All the News That’s Fit to Eat!

A panel of awesome women from different ends of the media spectrum gathered at the 92Y to discuss all things food media. But with the overwhelming influx of food stories from every direction, how do you know what’s good enough to “eat”?

“Food is not a style of writing; it is a subject.” -Helen Rosner, features editor at Eater

A subject! Which means there is a story worth telling behind every recipe, dish, review and photograph. Food is something we all have in common, something we all share, something that’s meant to be shared.

Finding that deeper story has been the driving force in journalism. Yet the media has become saturated with this “fast food journalism,” serving up these perfectly-processed, packaged stories about food, using sound-bytes and flashy titles to draw in an audience. But co-founder of Cherry Bombe, a magazine about women and food, (and new Editor in Chief at Yahoo Food--congrats!) Kerry Diamond says, “You can’t be beaten down by the flash.” There is a resurgence of “slow journalism” once again. Searching for less obvious subjects and writing about them. “It’s our responsibility to find what stories aren’t being told and tell them,” said Paula Forbes, reports editor of Eater.

Speaking of less obvious, or obvious subjects, it was so great being in a room full of women having meaningful discussions not only about food media, but supporting other women in the field. “If you’re a woman in food media [or any field], you need to support other women.” Plain and simple. Great words Kerry!

Whether you’re in the food media world or consume food media, finding stories worth telling and reading is going to take work, but as Helen Rosner said, “The good stuff still rises to the top!”

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