Madison Square Eats: The Return!

Madison Square Eats returns just in time for Fall to provide comfort food for the upcoming chilly season! But you better move it because it will only be there from Sept 5th -Oct 3rd (11am to 9p). This culinary semi-annual pop-up market is another Urban Space creation (keep your eyes peeled for more pop ups from this group).

Great for a lunch or quick dinner and you don't have to have the same meal twice! With all the variety here, you don't have to get stuck going to that place you don't want to go to because your work mate is on a stupid gluten free diet--here everyone can be happy!

Here is what I found:

Pig and Khao

Try the hearty and delicious-Vietnamese pork ball banh mi. Also try Southern Thai curry wing--perfect meld of layered Thai flavors!

Pig & Khao


Was there any other choice but for me to have the Pig's Head Cuban? Definitely do the pork rinds too. Love the adventurous take on street food for the masses! One day we will all be eating pig's head.


Roberta's Pizza

A pizza oven, thin crust and Margherita Pizza =perfect comfort food a la Italiana! Also ask for their special pizza of the day!

Arancini Brothers

Brothers? Seems to me that there is one Sista there and her name is Giulia Della Gatta--who can guess your perfect arancini match just by looking at you! Try these authentic Sicilian street treats (with gluten free options): Buffalo Balls (Spicy Chicken and Gorgonzola Cheese) and try Al Burro, Pistachio Pesto and Nutella Arancini.

Arancini Bros

Gumbo Bros

The new kids on the block and their gumbo is chocked full of savory gumbo. They do not skimp--for a hearty warm portion cozy up to these boys! Try their Frenchman Street Creole Gumbo (shrimp, sausage and okra in a tomato based roux), Nanny’s Cajun Gumbo (chicken and sausage in a dark Cajun roux), and I will even forgive them for their vegan Collard Green and Black eyed pea gumbo-(hate to admit anything vegan is tasty)

Gumbo Bros

Bread Bakery

Chocolate Babka- with cultured butter from France, Nutella and Belgian dark-chocolate chips-are you kidding me?-eat this!

Chocolate Babka

For full vendor list:

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