The Plaza Food Hall: Living it Up and Eating it Up‏!

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At the intersection of my favorite entrance to Central Park, despite the horse manure wafting through the air, the Plaza Hotel has tucked away it's sleek little food hall. Keeping with the Plaza Hotel's very Falcon Crest and Robin Leach vibe, the food hall offers some luxury morsels but in a sleeker, more modern decor.

Here are the aforementioned morels:


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Lovely, made to order tartines (open faced sandwiches-my only critique would be the the bread be a bit more toasted before toppings are added). They also serve breakfast.

Some best sellers are:

  • Croque Monsieur with Ham chiffonade, Gruyere cheese, béchamel, freed ego and so love that they have a Labne Tartine with cucumber, Za'atar and olive oil

  • Foie Gras-homemade with fig jam

  • Sweet Ginger is best juice seller!

  • Salad du Jour-Salade D' Artichaut

All tartines made on glorious bread by Eli's Bread-Country Peasant, Health Multigrain and Rustic Sourdough from Poilane Bakery

Pan D'Avignon

Pain D'Avignon.jpg

I am probably the only woman who does not wilt like a flower for a French accent, but I do for French bread! So every opportunity I get to sample some crusty creations I do! At Pain D'Avignon I found some traditional French baguettes-narrow and crunchy-as well as their French Mini Pullman and their Mini Cranberry Pecan Pullman. They feature Russ and Daughters smoked salmon sandwich and Stumptown coffee and Harney and Sons Teas.

Olma Caviar Boutique

Olma Caviar Boutique 2.jpg
Olma Caviar Boutique.JPG

Your champagne wishes and caviar dreams can be satisfied at Olma Caviar Boutique. AND you can get get FREE strudel during their Happy Hour (Mon-Fri 5-7p) when you buy a latte! They feature black and red caviar at various price points. The caviar is produced using Russian techniques to induce the natural flavors and you can sample this in their sandwiches, mini-blinis and Russian crepes.

La Maison du Chocolat /

A classic with exceptional, white glove service without the white gloves (they are dealing with chocolate and they know what that would look like). These chocolatiers are serious and I adore them for that! I tried one of their elegant but exquisite chocolates: the Extreme- a smooth dark chocolate. Looking forward to their Autumn collection.

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