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EXKi, located on Park Avenue near Gramercy Park, is a new, quick stop for the health conscious eater! Opened this summer, EXKi serves dishes using fresh, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables. An international success, this is the first EXKi in NYC, and is a definite must-try!

Check out more photos of my visit to EXKi here!

I love their approach to food: healthy through balance (without getting sucked into trendy fad diets) just through dishes prepared in-house with seasonal, local produce (and still committed to being environmentally responsible and fair trade practices). I spoke to Chef Galen Zamarra, who gave me the scoop on their signature “emulsions” (made with 80% vegetables) used in some of their dishes which are full of flavor and low in polyunsaturated fats. For example, the average cook would use mayonnaise, but these emulsions are used instead, which serves as a great vehicle for the absorption of vitamins in vegetables!

photo (4).JPG

Some of the featured dishes I loved were their tartines, which have a ton of vegetarian options! My favorite was the Fig Tree which had domestic prosciutto, figs, baby arugula, caramelized onions on a baguette! But also a must-try are their “cocottes”, one pot dishes. One that looked absolutely delicious was the Chicken & Turmeric Curry Emulsion made with “FreeBird” chicken, their signature emulsion, daikon, penne and noodle rice. EXKi is definitely a great choice to grab something, on-the-go if needed, for any meal of the day. They’ve got great breakfast options like yogurt & granola (with organic yogurt and a raspberry puree) or exquisite raw juice blends.

EXKi cocottes

EXKi is a fresh new addition to Park Avenue, and I look forward to stopping by and sampling their seasonal menu!

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