FiorellaEats: Montauk!

The last weekend of the summer is coming up and many of you will be heading out to Montauk! Honestly, I can't take the 4-hour ride multiple times during the summer (no matter of lovely of my car ride was!) But nonetheless I dug in and tasted all of the food delights Montauk has to offer. The focus here is fresh seafood, but of course there is some fried chicken and steak because I couldn't resist. I stayed at the beautiful Panoramic View in Montauk and stopped for coffee at Jack's which had a nice selection of breakfast pastries and donuts.

Check out more photos of my trip to Montauk here! 


Onto the food! The weekend went like this:


We stopped at Cyril's Fish House for some mussels and wine to get us out of the damn car before heading over to our accommodations. I thought is was eh--mussels were too small, wine selection was okay, but still had a nice energy.


That evening we went to Harvest on Fort Pond where we shared a lovely family-style dinner (all apps and entrees are family style). I had the Pan Seared Rare Tuna with Green Tomato Corn Tapas, Tomato Salsa and as a main, the 16 oz. Corn Fed Skirt Steak with Arugula, Red Onion, Manchego, Roast Garlic Tomato Butter.  To be honest, I didn't think the family style portions were large and I could have eaten the tuna by myself, but it was tasty! (I also hate sharing-I don't do well with tapas either.)

The next day for lunch we headed over to the Munch Box (41 The Plaza # F, Montauk, NY 11954), a little hole in the wall that boasts "pressured cooked fried chicken." It was a hole in the wall, which I love and the chicken was decent, crisp and not too oily and juicy inside--but was not into the fries.

That evening while we had reservations to Harvest on Fort Pond again, we decided to take a more casual route to the Lobster Roll! Here I indulged in a 3 lbs lobster--interestingly my waiter brought me two bibs while my partner in crime only was given one--funny guy that waiter! Truly that was my best meal in Montauk! While our shrimp cocktail was unimpressive, the gigantic lobster stole the show--how would one know this by looking at me? Well I become very quiet, I need to be left alone to concentrate in order to tear that lobster from stem to stern with my buttered hands and sucked out every ounce of its natural juices. I even ate parts of the shell--I was unstoppable and when I was finished with mine, I went after the remnants that my dinner partner left on their plate. Enough Said.


I love the idea of a small town and always make sure to check out their antique shops and graveyards! And I did just that in Bridgehampton! Here I found many tombstones as old as 1778! Weathered and worn with history, I walked through every one I encountered.

Here’s the row of antique shops I found in Bridgehampton!


Kinnaman & Ramaekers (2466 Main St Bridgehampton, NY 11932)

Hampton Briggs Antiques (2450 Main St., Bridgehampton, NY 11932)

St. Ann's Thrift Shop (2463 Main St , Bridgehampton, NY 11932)

The Bridgehampton Antiques & Design Fair at the The Bridgehampton Community House (2357 Montauk Highway Bridgehampton, NY 11932)


Montauk and Bridgehampton was fun, but I don't know how many times in one summer I could endure the car ride and traffic. But definitely get your butt off the beach and go eat some lobster and check out the graveyards!



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