The Art of the Sandwich: Lamazou

On 3rd Avenue, right off 27th Street is a little sandwich shop I've gone to for years. A hidden gem in my neighborhood, I thought it was my little secret, yet there is always a line out the door at lunch time! Opened 21 years ago, Nancy and Aziz Lamazou run this charming shop, churning custom sandwiches and expertise to guide any creative patron!

With a rich cultural background (Nancy is Lebanese and Aziz is Tunisian), Lamazou offers delicacies from all over the world, artisanal cheeses, salumi, and homemade goodies like their well-known egg salad with Roquefort cheese, grilled vegetables, hummus, tuna and chicken salads. They also have a great selection of pates (wild boar pate and venison pate) and a delectable smoked duck breast. Lamazou gets a variety of great crusty breads from different bakeries around the city, Sullivan Bakery, Il Forno and Balthazar just to name a few.

Check out more photos at Lamazou in the Facebook album here!

Before I jump into the sandwiches we built (yes, Nancy refers to making a sandwich as building one!), here are a few of her tips:

  • Choose the right bread. (If you want a nice airy crunch, choose a ciabatta. For a dense, rich bite, use a multi grain or pumpernickel bread. It all depends on what you want.)

  • Spread condiment on both sides of the bread. (Don’t skimp on either side!)

  • Slice your meats thin enough, delicately bundle and lay on top like a nest. (So they can breathe!)

Onto the sandwiches!

Smart Duck

Nancy made one of her popular specialty sandwiches: the Smart Duck. On a crusty and airy piece of ciabatta bread, she layers spicy Dijon mustard, sliced cornichons, green leaf lettuce, plum tomato, thinly sliced smoked Magret duck breast, and 2 thick slices of rich, double cream Brie Cheese. The rich Brie and succulent duck melt in your mouth, and the snap from the cornichons bring a nice acidity to each bite. Wow.

Fiorella's Lamazou Sandwich

I couldn’t leave Lamazou without whipping up my own concoction! With Nancy’s guidance, I chose a combination of her Italian favorites with a Middle Eastern touch: whole grain ciabatta (studded with oats for great texture), with house-made hummus, thinly sliced mortadella, topped with grilled zucchini and roasted red peppers from Greece! Divine!

Fiorella's Favorite Combo

Another combo sandwich I love is simply crusty Pumpernickel bread with smoked salmon and Lamazou egg salad with roquefort cheese-delectable!

Lamazou is a definite must-try for all sandwich lovers. But they don’t just make delicious sandwiches! They also cater beautiful platters for dinner parties and holidays. In fact, Nancy prepared a platter during my visit and let me just tell you what she’s got in it so you’ll be as impressed as I was:

  • Prosciutto Di Parma

  • Black Forest Ham (smoked prosciutto from Germany)

  • Finocchinona (Tuscan salami with fennel)

  • Hungarian Salami

  • Calabrese Salami

  • Delice d'Argental (double cream cheese from Burgundy)

  • Couturier Goat Cheese

  • Cotswold Cheese (cow’s cheese from England)

  • Manchego Cheese (sheep cheese from Spain)

  • Aged Provolone (cow’s cheese from Italy)

Great combo sandwiches, artisanal cheeses and meats, homemade spreads and condiments--find out for yourself why this is my favorite sandwich shop!

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