The Best Ribs to Eat During Game of Thrones

My Sunday ritual always includes a television series that I get obsessed with and eating in-slowly. I have seen every episode of Game of Thrones while eating Blue Smoke's ribs. Ribs work perfectly for a fantasy show set on fictional continents with warring families vying for the iron throne. I was holding a rib when Daenerys rose from the smoke with those cute baby dragons crawling around her -pure symphony of the senses. It also works with what I imagine the characters of Westeros would be eating and I can imagine eating with them.

But who am I kidding? I have eaten these ribs through HBO's Rome (my all time favorite moment-last scene of first season- earth shattering!), The Wire, Breaking Bad, Madmen (before it got boring) and Walking Dead (when it was good then when it got bad and now when it is a bit better), horror movies, Masterpiece Theatre....ok you catch my drift.

The "Ribs Sampler for Two" includes Memphis baby backs, Kansas City Spare Ribs and Texas Beef Ribs. My favs are the Texas Ribs which I dip into Kansas City BBQ sauce! I started with Kansas ribs until my sister, who doesn't like barbecue sauce, introduced me to the Salt and Pepper rubbed Texas Beef Ribs. Now they are my favorite--I do dip them in the Kansas city sauce at times which I ask for with my order which they sell by the bottle. All the ribs are excellent, but when I want a bit of everything I choose the Rib Sampler for two definitely enough for one. They don't deliver, but are only two blocks away from my place in Murray Hill and they really get to know their regulars.

To enhance the succulent rib experience, I suggest you eat on your floor with a towel under your dish with your bare hands and alone, or with people you trust, so you can uninhibitedly gnaw on the cartilage, rib tips (excellent source of calcium!) and rip all that tender goodness off the bone. To eat this way in public, just add an Old Fashioned and if not use a fork and knife.

Nutrition Rx- high in protein, zinc and iron.

As lean as other meats? No--so you won't have ribs tomorrow, but add your veggies and you will be fine!

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