Carnevale at Restaurant SD26

Carnevale is an annual festival celebrated in Italy 40 days before Easter, as a final party before Lent. Carnevale, which literally means "farewell of meat," began in the 14th century in Venice, but each Italian town celebrates a version of it.

Masks, "masquera," have always been a tradition of Carnevale. These “masquera” worn at balls and parades allowed the frisky Italians who are never happy about being deprived of eating, behaved as they liked with no consequences. Leave it to my ancestors to find the loophole to decadence!

Last month at SD26, Tony and Marisa May's divinely modern and sexy Italian restaurant, in the Flatiron district, brought the true Carnevale experience here! During Lent, SD26 held a Sunday series which featured an authentic Carnevale menu with traditional Southern Italian fare. Eager to bring the a true Neapolitan feast and performance, Southern Italian singer and dancer, Alessandra Belloni, performed music and dance with her troupe with the ritual dances of Southern Italy. Adiamo a ballare, cantare e mangiare!

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