February 3, 2016

This saturday 10th anniversary of the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival at the Tunnel in Chelsea. With over 60 beers, 40 bourbons and enough bbq for the “a-pork-alypse,” it was every Southerner’s dream! While it may seem overwhelming for a newbie, luckily we went last yea...

April 28, 2015

How much more American can you get munching on bacon, with a cold beer at the MLB stadium? While there wasn’t an actual baseball game going on, there was some heated competition at this year’s Bacon and Beer Classic at CitiField this weekend! Perfectly timed too, right...

February 3, 2015

 Shrine of Swine: Handsome Devil BBQ Whole Hog Image Credit

Last weekend was the 6th annual Beer Bourbon and Barbeque Festival, also known as the Big Apple’s favorite Winter Porkapalooza! It was held in Chelsea in the famous old night club, Tunnel, literally a tunnel of...

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August 14, 2019

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