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Go Get in Touch with Your Food!

Fiorella Forages will take you through the streets of NYC to find her favorite prodcuts and ingredients to her favorite meals. Follow her trail (walk everywhere!) and you will get stay active while you Go Get in Touch with Your Food!


My first memories of foraging was when I was 5 years old with my dad and my sister stopping at the side of a road lined with dandelion greens and eating them in our salad that night.


When I visited my relatives in Italy, I noticed their refrigerators were very small. They told me it was because they went to the market everyday to get fresh, seasonal items that they ate that day.


Now I know we don't have the leisure time or typical laissez faire Southern Italian lifestyle, but nonetheless, it influenced how I approach my food.


One of the most interesting phenomena I learned through working with my patients is that they seem disconnected from their food. They don't know where it comes from, where to get it, and what to do with it.


It occurred to me that if your delivery man is your only link to your food, then you are missing a big piece of your mental and physical relationship to food.


To make things worse, with our diet-crazed culture we have lost our confidence in what to buy, what we really want and how to be truly healthy.


If food is life and food is nature-then we need to re-connect with food.


So go on forage and Get in Touch with your Food!