Healthy Eating is more than counting calories, as a matter a fact, I recommend that you don't--just choose real food and you can't go wrong!


These are simple recipes to help you Get in Touch with your Food! The purpose of my fad-free recipes are to get you to the market, pick what is fresh, local, seasonal and on sale so you know where your food comes from. These dishes are made with real food that are packed with nutrients and are combined to enhance each other's nutrient content. For example, lemon increases iron absorption in leafy greens and fat in your dressing enhances fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin A, D, E, and K--so no non-fat dressing!!


All recipes below are filled with high quality nutrients and taste delicious. They are made with no more than five ingredients to make sure they are fresh. You will see that my recipes are not exact because I want you to use your intuition and taste buds to decide how much of each ingredient you need. You know what you like! Amounts listed serve only as a guide. Italian cooking is very similar: rustic, no recipes, taste as you go. You will find the right flavors for you--I promise you!