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Meat: A Love Story

I invite you to share my carnivore journey through NYC and beyond!


I was born with a savory tooth-whenever I am craving a food or think about my last meal on death row (for some reason this comes up often in my thoughts) it always includes meat. So grilled, braised, roasted--any meat falling off any bone is bliss and of course if it is a steak, it is rare!


Growing up in an immigrant family from Southern Italy, I grew up eating the odds and end of animals. “Piede e Musso,” literally translated to feet and snout, described the delicious street food in a paper funnels I would eat when visiting Naples.


My father and uncle were hunters and fisherman. I remember the seasonal influx of pheasant, quail duck, deer and on occasion bear--all deplumed in my basement. Even our fishing trips involved eating raw fish with lemon which my father would filet right out of the water. And yes the crabbing, oh yes the conch!


My basement in New Jersey, where I grew up, provided the cement ground for house-made and cured prosciutto, sopressata, dried sausage, various forms of cotechino and "gnugia" (which was pig ingesting dried in pig intestine). Wine, ricotta cheese, and bread were also conceived in that basement--rustic, pure and simple.


Meat was also a status symbol in our home. Both of my parents were from small towns in Italy and red meat was rare and quite expensive. So when we were able to have meat on the table every day, it meant we made it--at least that is how they saw it.


As a Registered Dietitian, I am always asked about health issues around meat consumption and my answer is, "What does the rest of your food look like?"


Eat real food, eat it in moderation and most of all enjoy it- you will be healthy!


I invite you to be my sidekick on this carnivore journey!


Let's Eat Meat!